Kenya, Mombassa, Indian ocean.

Tiwi Beach.

rmotor motor

(This is a rough translation from my diary)

Monday, 22 nd of July.

At least. The other side of Africa. The other ocean. More beautiful than the Atlantic.
It's nice to do nothing. Because I have nothing to do ... Enjoying the view of the sea. With a few beers ...

And after so much overwelming nature, I do have to think about this phrase:
"My thoughts are like a sea, they are washing sadly at their boundaries."
(Nescio, Titaantjes)

Tuesday, 23 rd of July.

Porridge made of rice today. I do have to check the rice on little stones because on the local market they sold me rice with 10% of the total weight in little stones! Plenty of time, so ... .
Two back packers are putting their tent up behind mine. I always get a feeling of pity if I see back packers.
To be honest, I'm a little proud that a motorcycle is waiting for me beside my tent. A symbol of resoluteness, strength, endurance and daring. To distinguish you from the rest of the holiday-makers.
Dirty, has-been cars. I can sympathize with them also, a little.

Travellers on a motorcycle, among each other, know they are unique. And most of them do have that radiation of self confidence. In such way that a lot of people do look up to these motorcycle men. And whispering: "what a big tank, how fast can it go" and "you must be strong to travel on that bike that distance".
Very well accepted are the dirty clothes in which a hard core biker mostly appears: "oh, those dirty clothes doesn't matter, you'e a biker."
Bad roads don't discourage a biker. No public transport? No problem. You like to stop for a leak or enjoying the view? Oh well, then you stop.

Doesn't everybody like to fly like a bird? The highest rate of freedom. After this comes travelling by motorcycle! Therefore we're only responsible to the birds.

A lot of people along the road are listening to our stories. And do give us bikers a lot of small presents as food , drinks or sometimes a bed. Because the locals know that the real men are also human and everybody (special those who suffered) appreciates attention.

Oh boy, after a while in Africa you have to take care not to be a colonialist ... or a beggar!

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