Slurfje (Little Trunk).

rmotor motor

(This is a rough translation from my diary)

Just an ordinary day.

I'm riding my Yammie XT 500 through a game park in Tanzania. The weather is very nice to me. Peaceful Africa, like a fairy-tale.

Suddenly I do have to stop for a leak. With all the power I have in my right hand, I squeeze the brake handle (the brakes are not the best part of the XT 500). And as fast as possible I run towards a low bush, with my jeans already dropped on my ankles.

In this part of the game park are no trees. A pity because trees are the best if it concerns taking a leak. Elephant Trunk During the time I'm trying to loose the 20 beers of the last night, I hear a noise in the dry bush. Suddenly two large ears are appearing above the bush. Waving angry to me. With, as it seems to me, an angry elephant attached on them.

You'll have to know that those African elephant bulls are extremely big. Specially if you're standing there with your pants on your ankles and with your little "thing" in your hand!

As a matter of coarse I was frightened and tried to stop the only waterfall in this neighbourhood, with still 10 beers to go. I jumped on my girlfriend, my XT 500, and kicked the kickstarter with very much enthusiasm.

Normally one kick will do the job. And I prayed, as I never did before, that at this special moment also one kick would wake up the beast in her.

She didn't let me down this time. Of coarse not. Not in a very close relationship, as I do have with my XT 500.

As I shoot away with a very heavy one cylinder sound, I hear the elephant burst out laughing behind me.

" Do you have to eat with that little thing?", he screamed to me.

No good manners, those animals.

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