Leaving Europe.

rmotor motor

(This is a rough translation from my diary)

Saturday, 2nd of February.

Today is the ferry leaving Almeria, Spain. The people, African workers in Europe and some travellers, who are hanging around the boarding place of the ferry are united, one group. But it appears that some of them are not leaving because they don't have money. The English couple, Christians, in their Landrover do have to stay also. God didn't want to have them in Africa because God didn't gave enough money for the trip.
A journalist came with the ferry from Morocco and give us a green light. He didn't had one negative experience in Morocco or Algeria. We were happy to hear this, because in this stage of the Gulf war, you'll never know what can happen.
When the ferry left we all four waved. The two Christians and my friend K-J and I. We felt sad about the two Christians. I saw them disappearing slowly. My admiration for their believing in God is growing. Or is it pity?
The sea is rough. The feeling of surviving is stronger than the feeling of joy. I'm exited to my first date with Africa!

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