Hello Africa!

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(This is a rough translation from my diary)

Sunday, 3 rd of February.

We arrived in Mellilia in complete darkness. Melillia is a Spanish town (enclave) in Africa. To cross this Spanish-Morocco border took us 3 hours. 1.5 hours to get the proper two papers to fill in. And 1.5 hours to give those two documents a rest on a desk.
We decided to drive a few kilometres outside this town and then to look for a place to camp.
I woke up beside a dirt road just outside Nador. With the noise of a few mosques and some donkeys. Africa says hello to me. Then I saw beside our sleeping bags an old man waiting until we were awake. He offered us some mint tea, delicious. A very nice welcome indeed.
Saying On our way to Taourit I see a lot of donkeys, a donkey car with a Dutch number plate (?), a lot of poor people and no women at all. When we put up the tent somewhere, it is quiet and the sky full of stars. Peaceful.
On the Dutch world radio we hear of a big riot in Rabbat. A 300.000 people are protesting against the presence of Moroccan troops in Saudi Arabia. We don't have a single negative experience on our way but we decide to leave Morocco as soon as possible. It's a pity.

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