Driving a Mercedes in the desert.

Driving a Mercedes.

This was the first time I drove a Mercedes. And then in the desert! Fred Flinstone would be very jealous, I'll bet.
This car didn't made it on his way to Niger.
Buy an old car in Europe, preferred is a Peugeot from France, drive it straight to Niger and sell it there. This is a well payable holiday for adventurous European people. There is no guarantee for the taxi drivers in Niger who are buying such a car. But when a car has crossed the desert, then it has proven it's quality!
But for some cars this trip is too hard. This driver drove it into the soft sand of the desert, fucking up his clutch. Or didn't prepare the car because the driver wanted to make too much profit or was just stupid. If a car breaks down, the only thing you can do is to get a lift. Not so easy in the desert, I can tell you. Other people who pass this broken car will strip it completely, since in Africa they know a nearly 100 % recycling of materials.

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