I was nearly killed by this angry hippo.

(This is a rough translation from my diary)

Kenya, Monday, 24th of June.

Breakfast with Ash in Raj his house. He let me pay for it! Late on the road. In Eldoret I tried to buy some cigars. Too expensive! I met Raj in town and he took me out for lunch. I had to promise him to come back for his disco party, next week.
Under heavy rain clouds I descended into the Rift valley. A gigantic winding road down, towards the heat. I left the European scenery and temperatures. And met the dry area, which I loved so much, again.
I found a nice campsite along Lake Bogoria. Saw hippos yawning and crocks floating in the lake and a lot of birds. Just before I went to sleep I saw some hippos peacefully grazing in the moonlight. Three meters away from my tent. Making a noise like grazing cows.

Grazing Hippo

Kenya, Tuesday, 25th of June.

I woke up very relaxed. Breakfast between the birds. I found some hippo shit on my tent. In the night, the hippos are spreading their shit using their short tails, which they rotate very fast during shitting.
A hippo came out of the water, giving me an excellent opportunity to make a few pictures. He came slowly closer to me and stopped a few meters from me. He started to yawn and moved his little ears round and round. Suddenly I heard the black people from the campsite behind me. Making loud noises. I decided to walk back very slowly and started to realise my dangerous situation.
Later, the people told me that the hippo is the most dangerous animal in Africa. Killing the most people. What about the lions and crocodiles? A hippo is nearly blind but very fast on land and in water. Faster than a human being. And dangerous if you are standing between the water and the hippo. Cutting off the way to the safe water... .

Angry Hippo
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