You can find here some general info about Africa.

For those who don't know the countries of Africa.

I visited the ones with a green line.

Map of Africa

Size Africa vs. States/Europe:

map The next image on the left, shows you the real size of Africa. You people from the States thought that North America was big he? Actually, we from Europe can also see that our continent is tiny, compared to Africa.
And we do have to realise that most of the roads in Africa are not tarmac but just dirt roads. After a day of travelling, depending on the rain season, your bike and your face are covered with a layer of red dust or red mud.

I had days of 30 km's till 600 km's a day. This makes you realise that Africa is real big and that you'll need some time to travel from one place to another.

Vegitation of Africa

Africa's divers vegetation:

Roughly you'll pass on your way south in Africa first the Atlas mountains, then the desert, steppe, savannah and then rain forest. And after crossing the equator you'll see the whole show in reverse again. Rain forest, savannah, steppe and desert again in Botswana and Namibië. And in the region of South Africa you can find it all again. So the African scenery is never boring!

If you are curious to know more about travelling and Africa, I'll give here just a few sites for a start.

Because they inspired me : NetStop. For the back packer.
And U.S. State Department Travel Warnings for related country info and current travel warnings.
Or Round the world travel guide in which the author writes "The journey is the best adventure, not the destination".
Who doesn't know the Lonely Planet Online? And just opposite of the "Lonely Planet" way of travelling is the collection of some commercial sites: Starting Point-Travel.
If you are still hungry for info, another fast way to find your way to some "African music" or "African facts" or "African history", use f.e. HotBot.
And last but not least: my own providers very niceTravel Links.

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