Black Label Beer.

Black Label Bottle This page is a tribute to the man who made this Black Label Beer. Beer with a B. This was the first beer I liked to drink again after I suffered a few weeks from malaria. Every now and then I tried a beer but it never tasted good. And then, suddenly after approx. six weeks, I tried a Black Label. Aaaaahhhhhh... . It felt like I just got a friend back.

Black Label Label And in South Africa I liked this beer because they called Black Label "the black man's beer". Because this beer contained about 10 % more alcohol than the others. So it was easier and quicker to get drunk. The average white people in South Africa didn't touch this beer. Drinking this beer was my way to sympathize with the black people.

And I don't want to forget to mention the Star beer in Nigeria. And the famous Tusker and White Cap beers in Kenya. Fosters in South Africa.
Also I tried everything to keep Malawi green. This was the strophe of the Carlsberg commercial: "Drink Malawi green to keep Malawi green". And a tribute to the Belgian beer I drunk in Algeria (Alcohol is strongly forbidden in Algeria). And regards to the Dutch guy who carried a few cases of Grolsch (my home brand, the first beer I tasted ever) in the back of his Peugeot. I met him in Algeria and could't buy a beer for several weeks in this Muslim country. After I mentioned to a few travel companions that I would kill for a Grolsch, this Dutchman showed up and offered me just a few.

Travelling is so nice. I can tell you!
Very often a nice cold beer was the only joy a place could offer. Travelling can be tough also!

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