The most Southern Point of Africa!

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(This is a rough translation from my diary)

Monday, 13th of January.

We had a nice night rest in this ghost-farm. Left by the white people. We don't know why. The touristic Cango Caves, close to Oudshoorn, are impressive. Some caves do measure a 25 x 45 meters and 19 meters high! A natural concert hall.
With Diekie (a South-African friend on a XT 600) I cross the hot Great Karoa to Cape Agulhas. On our way down I buy a bottle of cheap cider. And shoot the cork of the bottle towards the sea, while I'm standing on the evidence that I reached The Most Southern Point of Africa!
Falg of Swaziland Actually this place was never a target for me. A few days ago I started to think about this special place. And on my way, I got slowly this warm feeling inside me. Reaching a target. Half drunk I feel excited. After one year it's not possible to travel more South. For the first time I realise that I reached the end. My feeling to go back home is growing.
The statue tells me the distance to London: 9.797 km's, to New York is 12.754 km's, to the North Pole a 15.882 km's and to The South Pole only 6.135 km's. While eating a hamburger in the early night, a garage with a bed is offered by a local. A special day.

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